Makovsky’s research: You need in-depth analysis

Computer Key - Health with StethoscopeKEY TAKEAWAY: According to PR Week “Consumers, especially Millennials, opt for websites that are easier to use rather than those from a reputable source, according to a survey by Makovsky.  If anything in this research is new to you then you’re not a marketer with a pulse on the market.

According to the research “They are saying they’re willing to forego trust to have easier-to-access information,” said SVP Tom Jones, Makovsky’s healthcare practice leader. “It’s all about the patient experience.”  Let’s examine this a little bit more.


[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”null”]According to Google a vast majority of health information online starts with search[/inlinetweet] and unless you’re on the top of the first page you’re pretty much invisible.   Then there is depth of search.  Patients are more likely to spend more time gathering information on more serious health conditions as opposed to health problems that have to do with lifestyle.

However the theory that people are going to use “easy to use” websites over credible is subject to challenge.  I have done a LOT of research in this area and what I have found its that online health seekers want, first and foremost, credible health information.  Even though  pharma website may be easy to navigate low trust of pharma companies pretty much ensures that online health seekers are going to fact check content.

Makovsky Online Health Survey Infographic

Here’s the infographic. This should be marketing 101 for most of you, but I’m afraid with the exodus in emarketing talent from pharma it may be an insight which should be a serious cause of alarm.

Data without insights is like driving on a road without a map… you keep going, but you don’t know where you are going.