How to make e-detailing relevant

doctorsKEY TAKEAWAY: According to In Touch Solutions HCP’s are not really happy with the e-detailing because the content doesn’t change over time and 2/3’s of HCP’s fee; the content is not customized for their practice and patients.  This is unacceptable in the “e” age, but it requires out of the box thinking and a new approach to e-detailing.

Too many biopharma companies take standard detail pieces and convert them for use on an iPad and think they have joined the electronic age.  That is not reality.  Not too long ago I came up with a solution for a client that improved e-detailing metrics and wowed the sales force.  Here is how it works..


1ne: We defined the target messages for each type of practice, neurologists vs PCP’s and developed an on paper workflow that was tested with both our sale force and physicians.

2wo: We worked with a digital agency to take the concept from paper to iOS format.

3hree: Salespeople, before using their iPad’s to detail HCP’s would first select type of practice, first, second or third call, and duration of expected detail.

4our: The CMS would then compile the detail piece and it would be ready to present within minutes.  The e-detail would contain information relevant to the their audience as well as key messages based on frequency of call and other information (i.e. high prescribing decile)

5ive: At the end of the e-detail the salesperson would have the option to send a link to an online piece or more information or request follow up with a medical liaison person.


6ix: Survey’s and metrics concluded that detail pieces were very well received and we retained the digital agency to frequently update the piece as needed.

Now this is a bit over simplified but it worked and worked very very well.  It cost money, but like the HCP marketing director, said “it is the best investment we ever made in a detail piece”.

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