Launching a drug without a big DTC budget

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: It’s possible to launch a drug without having a huge DTC budget if your department is nimble enough to leverage and react on conversations happening around your drug via social media.

I have been following the conversations on social media around Afrezza and the buzz is quite consistent around the satisfaction with the product.  I therefore wonder why Sanofi hasn’t leveraged these product endorsers to help them market the product?


What I have learned about Afrezza via social media..

1ne: There is a segment of diabetics who are tired of using needles to take their insulin.

2wo: Diabetics are saying that Afrezza is excellent at controlling A1C levels and is some cases leads to lower A1C levels.


3hree: They like Afrezza but are frustrated by HCP’s who don’t know more about it along with insurers who are questioning Afrezza Rx’s.

These findings could lead to “crowd sourcing” DTC that is both effective in reach and conversion but of course there are risks.  The best product endorsements and messages come from customers not necessarily market research.

Can Sanofi inject life into Afrezza?  I believe it can but it’s going to take a very active and nimble DTC team that has an M L R team ready to take measured risks.