Labor Day in pharma

UnknownKEY THOUGHT: As we approach another Labor Day it’s a good time to realize that working within pharma can be very rewarding if we put good medicine and patients first.

There are a lot of very hard working people within the pharma industry and it’s unfair to group them in with companies that are seen as “killing people with the high prices of drugs”.

For those of you that hate the pharma industry, let me remind you that only $. 10 of every healthcare dollar spent goes towards Rx drugs.  Does this justify a $1000 pill? Of course not, but that medication could actually reduce the costs of long-term healthcare by reducing the number of patients that would need more medical treatments to stay well.

It is now estimated that close to 90% of people in the US have health insurance, but with insurers merging left and right they are the ones who are going to have the final say about what drugs patients are allowed to be prescribed.  The real high costs of healthcare are going to come from long-term care, which most people are not prepared for and Alzheimer’s which the drug industry is attacking with new possible therapies.

I have watched focus group participants talk about how they are living longer, healthier and better lives because of the drugs they take.  I have read stories of MS patients fighting MS because of new drugs and finding that their diagnosis is not the end of a good quality of life.  That, to me, is what I live for and why I consider myself lucky to have worked in healthcare marketing for 15 years.


All of us have a duty and obligation to try and put patients first and to convince management that not everything we do has to have a hard number ROI but is, rather, in our customers best interests.  The industry is not perfect and it’s painfully slow to adapt to changes, but they’re a hell of a lot more people out there walking around, beating cancer, and that is in part due to the drug industry.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and wear your company logo with pride.