KRA’s for pharma emarketers

ontargetAs I have said before, I believe it’s essential to have a pharma emarketing person for each brand.   This person would be responsible for all digital marketing efforts both DTC and DTP.  Here are some key responsible areas of responsibility.

1. KRA: Drive traffic to the website

TACTICS TO BE MEASURED: Paid media traffic

MEASUREMENT: Web analytics (number of visitors in relation to bounce rate.


2. KRA: Ensure content aligns with audience needs.

TACTICS TO BE MEASURED: Key page views by paid media, views of “call to action pages” such as download Rx card or take this quiz. Alignment of audience needs via working with brand team members to understand audience needs and behaviors.

MEASUREMENT: Time on site/page views/views of key action pages/bounce rate per page.



TACTICS TO BE MEASURED: Are website visitors likely to ask for an Rx as a result of coming to the website?

MEASUREMENT: Pop-Up survey test vs. control group asking intent to ask for Rx.


4. KRA: Online is detailing/physician reach

TACTICS TO BE MEASURED: Detail via 3rd party sites like Medscape.  Traffic to HCP area of the website along with downloads of key physician information and time on site.

MEASUREMENT: List match of target physicians with detail on sites like Medscape (yes, they do that).  Web analytics.

5.KRA:  Best-In-Class digital marketing

TACTICS TO BE MEASURED: Translating insights about target audience into actionable digital strategy via market research.

MEASUREMENT: Pop-up survey asking website visitors to rate content.  Scaling website as a product moves through the life-cycle. Acknowledgement from 3rd parties on your website.


These are just some suggestions.  Do you have more?


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