Kelton Survey Insights (Part II)

screenshot_239POST SUMMARY: Makovsky, 2015, shows that 47% of survey respondents will go to a pharma website if recommended by a doctor or other HCP.  So why isn’t pharma doing more to get input from physicians when building product websites?

Working in DTC eMarketing I have always worked very closely with the HCP marketing team and have led research with HCP’s to get their input into both the design and content of pharma product sites. While at Lilly we even produced a detail piece on one of the websites we produced so that doctor’s could recommend the site to patients.  When was the last time your doctor recommended a pharma website to you?


Social Media and Health

The Makovsky survey also had some very interesting data on social media and trust for healthcare information.  A full 79% said they would trust social media a little bit/not at all when it comes to health.  This is exactly what I heard in research this year and late last summer.  What was surprising is that even heavy users of social media did not trust the channel for health information.

Time Spent Online Looking Up Health Information

When going online for health information 69% of online users spent between 0-5 hours online.  While this is good data we have to remember that there is a direct correlation between the time spent researching online information and the seriousness of the health problem to the patient.  However, what was really insightful was that the majority of people, 64%, would use a personal computer to look up health information online.  This is in line with recent Comscore findings that indicate that the people still use a PC for a majority of the time when shopping or surfing the Web.