Janssen’s online ad for AFIB

KEY TAKEAWAY: Janssen’s campaign for their AFIB drug Xarelto is a good one.  The banner appeared in the NY Times health section which in turn leads to an in depth article on AFIB with an ad for Xarelto in the sidebar.

This online ad is both informative and educational, but for online health seekers there may be a lot of interruption.  A simple search on Xarelto results in a top line result for a legal firm looking for patients on Xarelto who had bleeding issues.

The question then becomes “what effect does this have on online health seekers who have AFIB”?  Would seeing this top line search cause them to disregard Xarelto or are they smart enough to understand that all prescription drugs have risks?

Janssen, I hope, is conducting research on this question because daytime TV is also full of commercials for lawyers looking for clients who took Xarelto and had problems.

I like this online ad because it’s integrated within the Times and is both informative and promotional.  Visitors can read about AFIB without having to click through to the ad and I’m sure Xarelto awareness, with AFIB, will be increased as well.

Good to see more pharma companies trying new approaches to online DTC.

Note: Regular readers may have noticed a drop off in posts.  I live in Naples, which took a direct hit from the hurricane.  While my house is OK, we have no power and I have relocated temporarily to Orlando.Thanks to my clients who basically have said “work later, home and family first”.