IT: Hinderance or help for drug marketers ?

According to Manhattan Research “Physician tablet adoption for professional purposes almost doubled since 2011, reaching  62 percent in 2012, with the iPad being the dominant platform. Furthermore, one-half of tablet-owning physicians have used their device at the point-of-care.”  This is a great opportunity for drug companies to reach physicians but they shouldn’t be limited by restrictions placed on them by IT departments.

According to Manhattan Research:

  • More screens, more access: Physicians with three screens (tablets, smartphones and desktops/laptops) spend more time online on each device and go online more often during the workday than physicians with one or two screens.
  • Physician-only social networks stagnant: Adoption of physician-only social networks  remained flat between 2011 and 2012. Additionally, the study found that physicians reach out more frequently to and are more influenced by colleagues they formed relationships with at school or at work than peers who they first connected with online.
  • Online video widely used: More than two-thirds of physicians use video to learn and keep up-to-date with clinical information.

In addition “One of the key findings of the report is that ePharma Physicians1 who touched a sales reps’ iPad were significantly more likely to have a satisfactory experience, and more likely to say the experience influenced their clinical decisions. However, only one-quarter of the 30 percent of ePharma Physicians who saw a sales rep2 with an iPad actually touched the device during the meeting. “

This is a huge opportunity for health care professional marketers but in order to get it right they are going to have to rely on two key aspects: the ability to understand what HCP’w want in an tablet app and a vendor who can translate those needs into a workable and usable app.

What I have witnessed, all too often, is a great digital solution for both consumer and HCP marketing limited by the restrictions IT places on digital assets and apps.  In this case IT is hurting marketing and most times it has a lot more to do with territory than it does doing something that could be valuable for your audience.

Your IT department can be a tremendous help when developing digital marketing assets but once their “requirements” limit your marketing potential it’s time to look outside your company for better solutions.

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