Is a cancer moon shot possible?

screenshot_70Vice President Joe Biden is asking for a cancer moon shot, but is this wishful thinking or the door to a possibility?  Cancer is an elusive disease because there are so many different types of cancer, but the VP may just be asking others to dream and to think outside conventional medical wisdom.

I asked an Oncologist about VP Biden’s dream and hope of a cancer moon shot and while he said it was an admirable goal we still have a lot to learn.  However, deaths from cancer have declined in recent years due to early screening and the abundance of new drugs on the market.  I asked is “we would ever cure cancer” and his reply was “it depends on your definition of cure.  In the future cancer may be a treatable condition much the way that HIV is today”.  He went on to say “all of us, in the cancer community, need to think more about treating the disease in ways we don’t think about today”.


VP Biden has gone through a lot of pain over losing his son to brain cancer.  When we learn that someone who is full of life has become a victim of cancer, we ask why and why can’t more be done but drug companies are working on it around the clock.  I only hope they are working on drugs that help us live longer with a quality of life vs. drugs that just give us a short time with really serious side effects.

VP Biden deserves credit for shooting so high. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”null”]When we fail to aim for the stars we settle and fall back to earth and I don’t believe that we can’t somehow defeat this horrible disease.[/inlinetweet]