IoT + Health = we need a new Bill of Rights (NOW!)


Bil rights 5.7.16Summary: The increasing collecting of personal health data is colliding with the theft of that data..and the Internet of Things magnifies the whole Big Personal Data challenge. Frankly, we cannot just stand by…we need an IoT Bill of Rights.

I scoured the Web and found only one profound article from May 2014 NY Times. These were the key points the author, Limor Fried, made:

The major companies making connected devices should ensure this by agreeing to an “Internet of Things bill of rights.” There are a few core principles:

  • Open is better than closed; this ensures portability between Internet of Things devices.
  • Consumers, not companies, own the data collected by Internet of Things devices.
  • Internet of Things devices that collect public data must share that data.
  • Users have the right to keep their data private.
  • Users can delete or back up data collected by Internet of Things devices.

Let’s look at the sheer (and scary) magnitude of data by 2020:


With the regulatory mandate of Connected Health, we all will be extremely vulnerable unless our government acts. Just this week another large health system got hacked. Word has it your personal health records get around $5K a piece — and when health systems get hacked in D.C. or L.A., believe me it is the movie stars and politicians who the hackers are after.

Here is another list of “Rights” I found — are they enough?


What is evident is we are all busy innovating, disrupting, evolving eco-systems and creating new acronyms and jargon — typical myopia. Given the seriousness of the issue this is sadly human and shocking; it is like watching a train wreck as it happens in slow-motion.

What to do? Contact, harass, and annoy your congressional representatives. Now. Here is the site to help you do so:

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Guest Post by: Alfred O’Neill, VP Strategy at MRM//McCann & Principal