If pharma won’t clean its own house…

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: The idiocy of raising a price on a prescription medication over 5000%  and the current series of articles on J&J’s marketing of Risperdal is enough to turn even supporters to haters of big pharma.  

Why is Donald Trump leading in the poles of Republican candidates? Because he represents what most voters hate about established politicians.  Voters, and to some extent patients, have had enough of being manipulated by a system they see as unfair.

The series running on the Huffington Post about J&J is sickening yet the executive responsible remains at J&J at a time when shareholders and Board members should be giving him the boot without any parachute.  It is a tale of everything that is wrong with pharma and frankly, I don’t know what the current people who work at J&J feel. Sure, they paid a fine, but the sales were a hell of a lot more than the fine paid.


If pharma is to earn the trust of the public, they have to, above all, keep their own house clean. This means getting rid of people who put ales above patient safety and sales materials that stretch the limits of legal marketing.  Anyone who has taken part in any illegal marketing should be banned from working in pharma period. Any sales person or manager who does questionable things to make numbers should also be given the boot.

What is so sad about these stories is that they do a major disservice to the good, hard working people within the industry who believe in what they are doing and want to improve patients’ lives. The current system within pharma does not reward people who put patients first, Sadly, it rewards people who increase sales and stock prices.