Identifying bad agencies

2015-08-25-1440522404-6209558-badnewsKEY TAKEAWAY: DTC marketers need to identify bad agencies before they do too much damage to your brand and you waste a lot of money.

There are some very good agencies out there, but unfortunately there are some really bad ones who give the whole industry a bad name.  In CPG marketers are finally demanding more accountability from their ad/interactive agencies and this approach needs to be applied within pharma.

DTC TV spots drive people online, but when your website has a bounce rate of almost 80%, less than 1.2 pageviews and a short time on site your overall DTC execution is in trouble.  There could be a lot of reasons for the poor performance of the website, but I know it as developed by an outside agency who, frankly, should be fired.  The brand may have done irreparable damage to itself and the visitors that have left may never come back.


Some DTC marketers farm out way too much of their marketing and way too many don’t hold agencies accountable for poor performance.   When you treat an agency like a vendor and when an agency acts like a vendor things go South pretty quickly.

Agencies are under a lot of pressure to increase billings and in the process do work that leaves a lot to be desired.  The consulting company that I work for will not bill clients unless they are happy with our work.  We also guarantee  our work provided we have the ability to implement.

Two of the best agencies in healthcare are Greater Than One and InTouch Solutions.  I have worked with both of them and highly recommend their work.  If your agency has damaged your brand you need to act, not contemplate the why and how.