How pharma marketing is changing

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Biopharma marketers can no longer follow “processes and checklists” in marketing prescription drugs to HCP’s and patients.  We need to think like patients and ask “why should I go through the maze of getting an Rx for your product?” but more importantly, we need to ask “is this the right thing to do?”.

While working with a client recently I was surprised when she took out a Six Sigma DTC marketing checklist to measure her product’s marketing initiative.  When we follow a process, we tend to lose sight of what’s really important to patients today who have more choices and are double and triple checking everything you say.


I have always tried to hold marketing meetings like a patient advocate was in the room with me.  If anything makes them feel uncomfortable then it should make marketers feel uncomfortable.  But the key to successful DTC and HCP marketing, today, is an understanding of how they make choices and where they are going to get information that fills in what marketers leave out.

DTC marketing, for any product, has to be nimble and responsive.  We don’t have the luxury of meetings, analyzing data again and again and then waiting for weekly M L R meetings.  If you want to make a difference in DTC marketing, then listen and respond via digital marketing optimization.


Every health condition, every prescription medication, has a unique audience with unique audience needs.  We can’t apply what worked for one drug to a different category and expect to succeed and we can’t ignore what patients are saying to each other on social media.

DTC and HCP marketing is changing, but the real challenge is can pharma marketing change to stay relevant?