Hospitals; time to embrace consumer marketing

pay-attention-to-life-not-work0KEY TAKEAWAY:  As more patients become consumers of healthcare hospitals are going to need to reach patients on and offline to promote their benefits. This is especially true in areas where patients have a lot of healthcare options.

If you need to go to the hospital for treatment there is a good chance that your doctor is going to ask you if you have a preference in which hospital you want to use.  Doctor’s understand the importance of patient choice, but most hospitals still have not embraced consumer marketing.  Here are some things that every hospital should be doing to attract patients:

1ne: Use social media – hire a marketer who can use social media to promote the benefits of your hospital, including benefits such as private rooms, cable TV and gourmet meals.


2wo: Conduct market research to learn what patients want from hospitals.  Also need to include caregivers.

3hree: Use content to bring patients back to your website.  Some of the best content is patient stories, talking about their experiences.

4our: Your website should be patient focused, however, most hospital websites are anything but patient focused.


I recently finished a project for a hospital analyzing social media and they were shocked by the number of people who had a bad experience at their institution.  Patient voices cannot be ignored anymore, but as often is the case most hospitals just don’t have the budget to hire marketing people and implement an online strategy.  They will learn the hard way.


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