Hire for passion

screenshot_76KEY THOUGHT: Don’t hire people who will “do the job”, hire people who will “do the job with passion” because what we do affects a lot of people and is too damn important to just say “good enough”.

How many agency or industry people can look around a meeting room and say that everyone there is passionate about their jobs?   Layoffs and industry changes have forced a lot of very good people out of the industry and even some pharma agencies are starting to look outside the industry for business.


If I look for a common thread in all the research that I have led or been part of it’s that patients need help with healthcare management.  Everything is fine with minor problems like the flu, but when you have a problem that interferes with the quality of life patients are overwhelmed and have nobody to guide them thru “the system”.

If we take a look at websites from the late 90’s to the pharma websites today very little has changed. Don’t blame it on being a regulated industry, blame it on people who don’t approach their jobs with passion, on people who are trying too hard to “fit in” and to managers who are more concerned about their political status within the organization.


I recently celebrated a seven year work anniversary.  Someone asked me “don’t you want to hang it up?” and my answer was “no”.  As long as people need our help and the industry wants a guiding hand I will continue to do my work because it’s my passion.