Here we go again…mHealth

KEY TAKEAWAY: Mobile health apps will never be relevant until the medical community believes that the data they collect is accurate, that patients use them the right way and that they provide improved patient outcomes.

A JAMA study found that technology to self-monitor blood glucose levels no better than traditional management of type 2 diabetes. DUH!

Yet today there is more hype around mobile health as if it’s going to save our healthcare system.  This is a pure canard.

I have talked, at length, to a lot of HCP’s about mobile health, specific apps, and they all have the same thing to say “show me proof that the data is accurate and that patients use them”.  One app even advertises on TV as a way to take at home EKG’s never mind the fact that no HCP is going to use its data to diagnose and prescribe medications for patients.

What patients want from mobile health is being able to email their doctor, make appointments and request Rx renewals.  However a number of startups are raking in the money because nobody wants to take a chance on missing the next facebook.

If pharma can develop a health app that goes through clinical testing and is shown to improve patient outcomes it may have utility.  Until that time mHealth is going to be more hype than reality.