Helping patients navigate health at a cost

screenshot_97KEY TAKEAWAY: A site like Patient Navigator helps patients navigate our complex healthcare system but the costs are high.  A service like this should be offered free to customers of health insurers. 

At first Patient Navigator looks like a great tool, if you have the money.  It helps patients find their way through our complicated healthcare system at a time when coordinating care, even between two doctors, can be a huge task.


For profit healthcare, for insurers, means that they have to spend less money on patient care than they are taking in for premiums.  So then why should they offer a service like Patient Navigator for free?  Because strategically it saves money and tells customers “we are here for you and because of you”.

Insurers, for the most part, are not customer focused.  If you have health insurance through work you probably don’t have a choice of insurer and those who have to shop and buy their own insurance usually find that there are limited choices.  If the laws of market demand and business are correct that will change.

No matter how web savvy you are, managing your health still takes time and today time is the new currency.  Health insurers will need to win over customers eventually because sooner or later a startup is going to disrupt the industry with a patient focused, patient first approach that’s going to put current providers in a blender.  It will happen.