What the hell is wrong with politicians?

KEY TAKEAWAY: Republicans are now floating a new health care bill in which people with preexisting conditions would either pay through the nose for health insurance or be dropped.  This is beyond reason and it’s time for the industry to get involved and call it what it is: wrong.

Imagine being stuck in a job you hate because you are afraid of losing your health insurance.  It could happen under a new bill being proposed to replace the ACA and it should scare you to death. But where are our business leaders?

I love the pharma industry.  I personally find it very rewarding to help patients navigate this complex world of healthcare and while there are some employees who focus on “sales” and “ROI” I have also worked with some exceptional people who understand the rewards of helping people.

I am having a very hard time trying to understand the silence of the pharma industry at the batshit crazy healthcare proposals being floated in Congress.  The top insurance company executives earn more than $250 million in compensation while some people are wiping out their life savings for expensive hospital stays.  It’s unconscionable!

The industry cannot remain silent for fears of rocking the boat.  They cannot continue to worry more about stock prices as opposed to patients.  CEO’s need to speak up, alert and mobilize the public against new healthcare legislation that could kill more people than a terrorist organization or crime spree.

The beautiful aspect of democracy is that we all can implement change with our votes.  The time to get involved is NOW.  We can’t allow out of touch politicians to control something which we all should be entitled to: affordable healthcare.