Our healthcare system is still broken

broken_by_liebe_siePOST SUMMARY: Drug marketers may be wasting a lot of money trying to drive demand for their products because the current healthcare system is getting harder to navigate and it’s making it harder for patients to be “consumers of healthcare.If you thought the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, was going to fix the problems of our healthcare system you were drinking too much vodka.  I could easily make an argument that it’s as broken as Congress and not getting better anytime soon.  Here are some examples..

1ne: An MS patient who was keeping her MS in check with a medication from Biogen is told by her new insurance company that she no longer qualifies for that treatment and has to start at square one with other treatments thanks to Aetna’s health myopic process.


2wo: A man who needs to have a surgical procedure for a GI problem that is affecting his quality of life has to wait over 60 days for an appointment with a surgeon.

3hree: A patient waits 3 weeks for a routine appointment with his doctor only to learn that the prescription medication he has been using is no longer covered by his insurance forcing him to use another brand he doesn’t like.

4our: A toenail fungus Rx product costs almost $450 per month.

5ive: A recent study indicated that newly diagnosed breast cancer patients are “overwhelmed” with information on their cancer and possible treatments.

6ix: A vast majority of doctors say “that they don’t have the time to really get to know their patients”.

7even: The media continues to talk about the cost of prescription drugs, but in fact their cost, as part of every health care dollar spent, has declined to 9% while costs at hospitals continues to increase.


8ight: DTC marketers still continue to ignore, for the most part, their branded websites which have become online brochures.