A great site for mesothelioma patients

A mesothelioma patient recently emailed me  “I was immediately attracted to their site because it provides access to so many helpful resources for patients and their families when a diagnosis is received. It’s a lot to sort out and a very emotional time, so they make it simple to navigate the process. I also like how they provide access to world renowned doctors, treatments and even financial assistance. I was so grateful to find them through a simple google search, actually.”  And this is a site from a legal firm.

A diagnosis of mesothelioma is never easy.  But the site, mesothelioma.net, does a great job of providing patients with resources.  Sure, it’s a legal firm looking for a slice of the pie in settlement cases, but pharma could learn a lot from this site.

The patient went on to say  “I’m a Mesothelioma survivor who received life saving support from the treatment networks at Mesothelioma.net. I’m reaching out to various sites advocating for other patients to receive the same access to leading doctors, treatment centers, and financial assistance that helped me in my battle with this rare, aggressive and highly terminal cancer.”

Isn’t what it’s all about?