Great DTC commercial

KEY TAKEAWAY: The US market for major depressive disorders will rise from $2.4 billion in 2015 to $4.6 billion in 2025.  Rexulti, I believe, is doing a great job trying to reach new patients with a great creative TV spot.

When visiting, the first message you see is “still struggling with depression, even on an antidepressant?” It ties in very nicely with the TV commercial showing people turning away from everyday situations while holding up a face with a smile on it.  I believe the creative is hard hitting and targeted.

The website completes the creative with full integration and a host of helpful patient tools, but wouldn’t it be great to hear and see actual patient stories or patients talking about their battle with depression?

It seems that Rexulti is getting ready to take a huge slice out of the depression market, but they really need to take the next step and bring patients together to talk about depression.

On Facebook a search for Rexulti only results in class action lawsuit pages

This of course is going to scare the hell out of potential patients and it’s something this brand can’t ignore of they really believe in their product.