Google will punish non-mobile sites

apps1POST SUMMARY: You had better ensure your site is mobile friendly because Google is now using that as a search parameter for organic search results.

The revised formula will favor websites that Google defines as “mobile-friendly.” Websites that don’t fit the description will be demoted in Google’s search results on smartphones while those meeting the criteria will be more likely to appear at the top of the rankings — a prized position that can translate into more visitors and money.


Although Google’s new formula won’t affect searches on desktop and laptop computers, it will have a huge influence on how and where people spend their money, given that more people are relying on their smartphones to compare products in stores and look for restaurants. That’s why Google’s new rating system is being billed by some search experts as “Mobile-geddon.”


Forrester, in its annual report on how consumers found websites, discovered that 54% of respondents found websites through natural search results in 2012, up from 50% in 2011. Social networks were the second-most preferred discovery resource, with 32% using them in 2012, up from 25% in 2011 and 18% in 2010. Given all the bogus health sites that PPC, organic search is more important than ever for pharma companies so it’s time to ensure your websites are mobile ready.