Global biopharma digital marketing

global pharma digitalPOST SUMMARY: Implementing a global digital marketing strategy for OUS affiliates can be challenging, but today digital marketers need to think about where patients, outside the US, are going for health information and how they are making decisions.  Here are some steps to implement a global biopharma digital marketing strategy…

(1) Look at your US website metrics first.  People around the world are becoming more digital savvy  and it has been my experience that up to 40% of web traffic can come from outside the US. Remember that Chrome, Googe’s web browser, allows users to translate web pages into local languages as well.

(2) What is your objective in creating a website for France, Germany or Japan?  Since DTC is not allowed what is your strategy to provide local country users with a content?  It may be better to use local health portals to reach people who have questions about health problems or medications.


(3) Do your OUS affiliates have emarketing people?  Most don’t so you have to lead the way and deploy digital solutions as tools to help them achieve objectives.

(4) Can you provide the necessary tools to succeed?  When I was charged with deploying a global digital pharma solution we first created a custom content management system with one of the requirements that it was easy to use.  In fact, you can customize a commercial CMS, like WordPress, to meet most OUS needs.

(5) Overcome barriers. Some OUS affiliates look at US bran teams like “they know it all but don’t understand our business”. I have spent a lot of time and legwork getting OUS affiliates on the same page which involves a lot of listening and becoming an insider who is accepted as wanting to provide solutions.  Above all, try not to act as digital “experts” but rather problem solvers that offer solutions to help them achieve brand objectives.

overcome barriers

A global digital marketing strategy is more than offering a menu of choices of possible tactics.  It involves becoming part of a global digital marketing alliance that suggest and implement great digital marketing so the OUS affiliates begin to ask “what if….?”