Gilead once again is the worst of pharma

QUICK READ: Via the FT “Gilead Sciences has come under fire for securing a de facto monopoly in the US for an experimental drug seen as a potential coronavirus treatment, with activists accusing the US drugmaker of “morbid calculus” and “the most blatant abuse of the orphan drug act”. This company is a stain on the industry.

“This action by Gilead is Big Pharma profiteering at its finest, and shows why we cannot depend on drug companies to show responsible restraint in pricing even in a global emergency,” said David Mitchell, founder of Patients for Affordable Drugs, a campaign group. “It is particularly alarming because taxpayers contributed significantly to the research underlying the development of remdesivir.”

“Despite calls for solidarity in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Gilead Sciences has exhibited a ruthless penchant for insatiable greed that would rival a medieval Raubritter”.

Sen. Bernie Sanders late Tuesday demanded that the Trump administration immediately rescind its decision to grant pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences exclusive rights to the antiviral drug remdesivir, one of many drugs currently being tested as a possible treatment for the novel coronavirus that is rapidly spreading and taking lives across the globe.

“Now is not the time for profiteering in the pharmaceutical industry. Now is the time to bring our scientists together to develop and produce the best treatment for the coronavirus as quickly as possible.” 
—Sen. Bernie Sanders

I’m not sure how anyone can work for such a greedy company. They proved their gree when they sold a cure Hep-C that was supposedly developed by someone who was working independently from his job with the government. Many veterans had to go without treatment because the VA couldn’t afford the medication.

Gilead continues to prove that profits are more important than people.