Getting more traffic to prescription drug websites

more web trafficAccording to a Comscore report, Pixels, Patients and Prevention How Today’s Consumers are using the Internet to Manage Their Health, only 9% of internet users prefer drug websites for health content. This can and should be a lot higher.  Here are some things that biopharma marketers can do to increase traffic to their site and improve their branding.

drusgite traffic

(1) Set your product/brand up as the “go to” online resource. It means more content around living with the disease state and information for caregivers.  It also means that you need to develop a content plan to keep your site updated especially when there is news about the health condition or your product.

(2) Develop a disease state website.  Some brands think they don’t need to develop a disease state website because there may be high awareness with your audience, but a good disease state website can attract a wide audience PROVIDED it has relevant content.

(3) Develop different home pages.  By far this is the biggest mistake that most drug marketers make.  Why have one homepage when you’re targeting different segments?  For example, there should be one homepage for caregivers, one for current customers, and one for people thinking about requesting your product.

(4) Make your website mobile friendly.  There is no excuse not to do this.

mobile traffic

(5) Use third party content to earn the trust of your audience.  There is a lot of very good content available out there and most will let you make minor changes requested by MLR teams.  Consumers would much rather read content written by a doctor or credible medical institution than an agency.

Finally remember that brands are media.  This is why you need one dedicated eMarketing person per brand rather than one eMarketing person for all your brands.

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