Getting patients back to their doctors

Statistics shows that everything is normal

QUICK READ: It’s apparent that getting patients back to their doctor is going to be a huge challenge for DTC marketers. Pharma needs to develop a consistent message that motivates patients back into their doctor’s offices.

Nearly half (48%) of those polled said someone in their family has skipped or delayed getting medical care during the coronavirus pandemic.”Notably, 11% of adults overall say their or their family member’s condition got worse as a result of postponing or skipping medical care due to coronavirus,” according to poll results.

So how can we motivate patients to get into their doctor when they have a health problem? I don’t think there is any one message that’s going to work but here are some ways..

1ne: Inform patients that letting health issues linger could lead to worsening overall health and a visit to the hospital.

2wo: Educate physicians that they need to communicate, to their patients, that their offices are consistently cleaned and disinfected.

3hree: Go beyond “talk to your doctor”. Educated patients and let them know that some conditions require an in-person visit.

Every pharma company should have a COVID-19 message on their home page product websites. They should also have dedicated content dedicated that reinforces the necessity of talking with their doctor in person.

Pharma websites are trusted by online health seekers and the industry needs to come together to develop a consistent message about patients healthcare.