Even on social media “listen to the doctor”

SUMMARY: People are anxious because of the resurgence of COVID. Unfortunately, there is a lot of false and bad information online. To get accurate information, follow one of the many physicians online. They can provide answers based on science and their experience.

The amount of critical health information online is an enormous problem. The media still hasn’t, for example, differentiated between testing positive for COVID and getting sick from COVID. Whenever possible, I have tried to share information from leading physicians to help others understand exactly what’s going on.

Take, for example, Dr. Bob Wachter. He is Chair of UCSF Department of Medicine and has been actively sharing his thoughts on the latest COVID information. He is easy to understand, but, more importantly, I trust his information over any media outlet.

Here is an example of his Tweet sharing information on Pfizer’s attempt to get approval for a booster shot. Here is another one of his Tweets explaining the importance of vaccinations.

Dr. Dha also has chimed in on COVID vaccinations…

Like patients, I trust the word of a physician a hell of a lot more than what I read in the headline. When a physician, for example, said he wouldn’t go to a restaurant because it’s an easy place to spread the virus, I listen. There is, however, a downside. Some quacks have obtained an MD, and they can easily spread misinformation.

Basically, people need to seek out providers of good health information and listen to what they say. The world of online health-seeking has become more complicated but with some common sense you can find HCPs who know that they are talking about.