An essential tool for pharma marketers and agencies

screenshot_421KEY TAKEAWAY: Social listening is essential for pharma DTC marketers who want to produce high quality, patient centered marketing and Liquid Grids makes it easy to listen to the pulse of what your audience is saying on social media and Google.

DTC marketers and agencies need to listen to their audience on social media, but until now the tools, just for pharma, have been limited.  Liquid Grids allows marketers to quickly listen to social conversations around certain disease states and even analyze the best key words to engage online health seekers.

social media listening

To use the tools you first select a grid, or disease state.  Once selected Liquid Grids will quickly show you where your audience is going for help and engagement.

social media grid

In this example above, for MS, you can see that Facebook is a key resource for the MS audience posters. By clicking on the Facebook area of the pie chart we can drill down to listen to what people are asking/saying..

pharma social media

We can quickly read posts by people on Facebook who are looking for help or posting their experiences.

facebook pharma

The grid insights, either via list or word cloud, can summarize the emotions of MS posters.

liquid grid MS

Other features include drug insights and suggested copy and keywords to engage your audience.  The demographics indicated the number of interactions on social media by age and time of day.

Like any tool this is only as useful as marketers who can tell a story from the data and quickly implement recommendations based on opportunities by Liquid Grids.  I highly recommend this tool and suggest that you find the budget money to use this tool.