How to ensure pharma websites “add value”

adding-valueKEY TAKEAWAY: Your website analytics clearly show that a number of pages, on your website, are not being read by visitors.  So then why have them?  In order to increase your website’s value to patients follow these basic guidelines.

1ne: Design your website after conducting research with your target audience. Never look at creative or wireframes without testing them with your target audience.

2wo: Content should be written in the first person.  Hire writers to write like a conversation between your brand and your audience.

3hree: Don’t guess what content your audience wants/needs. They will be more than happy to tell you what they are looking for and want to know about managing their health or your product.


4our: Stay relevant.  If people are talking about their health issues on social media or the media is focusing on a story you need to be the “go to” website for the latest information. You need a content update plan with a process designed around your customers not your company.

5ive: Ask your though leaders to write content for your website.  Most are happy to do this as long as you include a short bio about them.

6ix: know the key objective of your website.  Is it awareness or conversion?  Design navigation based on the way people think not because your agency recommended it.


Too many websites are developed in a void of input from target users, which is a huge mistake.  With so much health information available on the web you need to provide answers on YOUR website.  Put more effort into your website than you do on your TV spot which is being ignored by too many people.

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