Employees at Pfizer really love their jobs

pfizerhappyemployeesThe 50 Happiest Companies in America is an annual awards list of the companies that keep their employees the happiest. Pfizer was voted the happiest company in America by its own workers for the second year running, according to an annual survey from job site CareerBliss.  The winners have been voted by their very own employees as a happy, rewarding place to work.  To determine the top happiest companies, CareerBliss analyzes thousands of independent employee-submitted reviews. The reviews ask professionals to rank how they feel about key happiness factors at work, such as the culture of the company, compensation and people you work. Given the massive layoffs pharma has gad over the last couple of years it’s good to see those remaining are happy with Pfizer.

If pharma is going to overcome the challenges of healthcare marketing they are going to need dedicated employees who are both innovators and game changers.  Pfizer seems to have found a formula to keep its employees happy beyond compensation and happy employees are the life blood of any organization.


The reality of working in any big pharma company with pipelines drying up and the increased costs of drug development is that costs have to be trimmed which in turn means layoffs as well as other cost containments.  However there is a way to approach layoffs with dignity and to help those let go find meaningful work elsewhere.  One of the worst companies at this was Amgen who routinely calls employees into a room and tells them they have a short time to clean out their desks while new executives bring in their cronies from their old companies.

Congrats to Pfizer but I would like to hear the thoughts on this survey from current and ex Pfizer people.  Do you agree?

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