Emerging trends killing DTC marketing


  • More people are managing their own health because our healthcare system is not focused on people.
  • Wellness is becoming more important.
  • Big companies will continue to invest in healthcare initiatives to cut costs and take steps to change a flawed system.
  • Pharma marketing will be surpassed by new approaches to healthcare.

While politics continues to focus on the cost of insulin people are getting fed up with a healthcare system that has too much waste and wait. As a result, more people are taking their healthcare in their own hands.

Of course, the Internet plays a big part in wellness but it also plays a big part in deciding healthcare treatments. People don’t trust pharma and as a result, DTC is less effective. TV ads do raise awareness but the connection between awareness and getting an Rx is becoming more complex.

Wellness is becoming a bigger part of healthcare but with millennials, the most obese generation in history and aging boomers wellness is not going to prevent the need for quality medical care.

The corporate tax cuts are done and corporations need new ways to cut costs. They are going to become more proactive in managing employee healthcare costs. One way to do so is by giving employees access to credible health and wellness information from listing resources for caregivers to eating healthy. I also expect that they will limit new “me too” drugs while suggesting lower-cost generics.

Where is pharma?

Traditional DTC is on life support. Anyone who believes that TV commercials are effective in driving brand objectives is a dinosaur. New retail health clinics and mobile health devices are going to empower patients like never before. As more come online competition is going to heat up and pharma will be left in the dust. Here’s why..

1ne: Pharma websites are not providing the updated health information people want and need to make their healthcare treatment choices.

2wo: Pharma is too reliant on TV ads with diminished returns.

3hree: Pharma lacks visionary leaders.

4our: Pharma websites don’t have a content strategy.

5ive: Pharma still doesn’t understand the anger people have over drug prices while CEOs rake in the cash.

6ix: Pharma has been a bystander when it comes to new technology and patient empowerment.

Finally, the antiquated matrix processes of pharma companies are slowly killing any innovation and driving talent away from the industry. We are watching the demise of DTC marketing.