EHRs are typically hard to use

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: Many doctors of spending several extra hours each day entering data to EHRs and EHRs often do not provide access to other clinical resources, so doctors need to use multiple systems.

EHR’s were supposed to simply life for doctors, but it’s been anything but a smooth road for the transition to EHR’s for doctors.  Just read this review from a doctor of Athenahealth;

Our experience was simply unfathomable. We were on this product for just less than one year. Training and setup takes 3 months, not unreasonable but also they don’t really understand small practices and how to train them. While various types of software are something I’m familiar with, and I found templates easy to make as well as modify, we were misinformed about what we were getting, and many of the bad experiences posted here were also experienced by us. We vetted this product as well as we could. We did a site visit, everyone we talked to was very happy with it. However, about the time we went on the product we understand that we were not alone in what followed, but it took weeks of searching to locate the others. Prior users, who had been happy also reported to us that they were struggling with it now. Another clinic in our town was struggling, one of their staff told me that they “hated it” but they apparently are not willing to speak out openly. My patients repeatedly told me that the patient portal was so slow that they just stopped using it.

He went on to say..

My staff hours rose by a minimum 20-30% on Athena, not decreasing as we expected, my hours nearly doubled, my ARNP quit because she wasn’t able to see patients fast enough to actually make an income, she was working 8-12 hours a day to see 8 patients. Staff informed me that misfiling of documents by Athena and their having to refile them was taking 2-3 times longer than if they simply filed them all themselves. This misfiling continued despite our efforts to get it corrected and despite some documents having the actual filing category in large bold print at the top of the page so they wouldn’t have to figure it out.

Not too good a state of affairs is it?


Why is this happening?

1ne: Focus too much on the company developing the software and not for end users.

2wo: Trying to be too much to everyone instead of focusing on doing one thing really well.

3hree: Not hiring the best and brightest to develop software.

EHR vendors need to stop worrying about their stock price and focus more on creating the best user experience of EHR’s are to provide HCP’s with valuable software and a possible integration with pharma and insurers.