Dynamic content offers pharma a great opportunity but..

KEY TAKEAWAY: Dynamic content enabled websites offer pharma a unique opportunity to pprovide different messages to different audiences but barriers remain.

Dynamic content is the term used to describe site content that automatically adapts to various pre-defined conditions, such as particular user signals. The content featured on the website will adjust dynamically, or under the control of CMS, so different users see different content. In other words, a repeat visitor to your website would see a different message than one who was first investigating your product as a treatment option.

Then there is the opportunity to provide content based on what a health seeker has researched online. If, for example, they are coming from a competitors site, you could serve up content that differentiates your product.

So why isn’t pharma using dynamic content?

1ne: They don’t have the FTE to manage dynamic websites.

2wo: Teure regulatory people keep throwing up road blocks based on privacy issues.

3hree: They don’t know enough about their online health seekers to determine a message from each segment.

4our: It’s about new patients only.

Finally, there are too many DTC managers who still believe that running TV commercials over and over is the best way to drive new business even though research continually shows that more people are going online to research treatment options.