DTC Test:TV vs no TV

 HDTVKEY TAKEAWAY: In a test of two markets for a new diabetes drug the market with TV, in the overall mix, scored higher in awareness of our target audience.  Our conclusion was that DTC, via TV, is essential for awareness of new products.

Objective: Determine the effect of TV on a key brand metric of a new diabetes drug.

Metric: Awareness of the new drug within our target audience as measured by market research group.

Test: Two very similar markets, one in Southeast and in Southwest.  One market had heavy up TV spending, cable, satellite  and spot versus one market that had no TV. Both markets had the same online and print ads.



1ne: The market with TV had a higher awareness of the drug within our target market (type 2 diabetics currently on insulin) versus the market that had no TV.

2wo: Traffic to our website was higher from the area that had TV versus the area that had no TV.

3hree: The target market of patients who were exposed to TV spent longer on the website and were able to remember at least one key brand message.

4our: New Rx’s were higher in the market with TV than the market without TV and HCP’s said that more patients had requested information on the drug in the TV market vs. no TV.


(1) For this category, diabetes, TV was an essential part of the brand strategy for awareness and taking action.

(2) TV was slotted “heavy” until awareness reached a targeted level then pulled back.  Frequency would be increased if awareness dipped below target levels.

(3) TV is an essential part of the mix to reach your target audience.