DTC National: A Dinosaur

imagesKEY TAKEAWAY: The DTC National, by ignoring the Internet and the decline in the effectiveness of TV, has become a dinosaur and is a good barometer of what’s wrong with DTC marketing.

It’s nothing short of amazing.  A national conference, and organization, completely ignores the Internet as they report DTC marketing buckets despite the recent data that clearly indicates the decline of TV DTC effectiveness.  This is one of the major symptoms of an industry in trouble.


Recent data, from various sources, shows that more and more consumers are “cutting the cord” to broadcast TV.  Why?  Because they prefer to watch programming on their own schedules and skip commercials.  With the upcoming Presidential election, one can only wonder how many people are going to avoid TV because of all the nasty political ads.

Not too long ago I sat in some market research sponsored by a media company who wanted to know, from current prescription drug users, the effect TV had on their decision.  The answer was nil, zero, none.  The top two reasons for choosing an Rx drug were it was recommended by my doctor and I researched it on the Internet.


While in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago I asked a couple of clients if they were going to the DTC National an the answer was “no”.  When we talked a little bit more they said “it was too expensive” and of “little value”.  Now there are some DTC conferences that do add value and get it right, but one that ignores the Internet is outdated and of little value. The Internet if the biggest factor, other than a HCP recommendation, for choosing a prescription medication.  Time to wake up.


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  1. Once again you hit the bullseye. The magazine is also nothing short of a self promotional industry ragtag.

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