DTC Marketers: undervalued or poor performers?

imagesKEY TAKEAWAY: People in the branded-communications industry are driven by passion and creativity, yet many in the talent pool feel undervalued, undercompensated and that they lack personal development opportunities at their current employers. That’s according to a survey conducted by Contexxt, the strategy and consulting arm of the Girls’ Lounge parent company TFQ Ventures.  Is this because of poor performance or executives who see marketing as an expense?

Why haven’t and DTC advertising programs been recognized by the ad industry as “best in class”?  You could argue that pharma marketing is restricted but that’s a cop out.  You could also make an argument that pharma companies are not attracting DTC talent and that executives see marketing as an expense rather than a necessity.  I believe it’s a combination of several factors including:

1ne: The desire of talented marketing people to work in other industries other than pharma.

2wo: The exodus of talent from pharma due to layoffs and a work environment that requires a Power Point and a week’s worth of meetings to get a cup of coffee.

3hree: Really bad DTC that has led to an erosion of DTC marketing as a vital role in the organization.


4our: “C” suite executives who have cut DTC budgets to the point that basic marketing guidelines are not being implemented.

5ive: Putting people in marketing roles who came from the sales force.

6ix: Agencies that just want to invoice and collect rather than spend the time and effort educating DTC Directors.

7even: Lack of a career path for successful DTC marketers.


I have seen and work with some people who I consider to be very smart marketers, but for everyone of them there are three of four people who make their lives hell requiring endless meetings and presentations to do even simple things.  When a VP says “we don’t need a usability study” then complains that their website is “not performing” he is witnessing his own destiny.

I have said it before and I will say it again [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”null”]”the inability of pharma to recruit and attract talented marketers is the biggest challenge DTC marketing faces”[/inlinetweet]