DTC marketers: Now is a good time to review processes

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: More biopharma organizations are adding patient insight departments/people, but the processes for integrating insights may be archaic in an era when instant gratification takes too long.

According to a report from PWC entitled From Vision to Decision Pharma 2020, “The prevailing management culture, mental models and strategies on which the pharma industry relies are the same ones it’s traditionally relied on, even though they’ve been eclipsed by new ways of doing business.”  In other words, it’s time for the elevator to get to the top floor.


There are a lot of tools to acquire patient insights, but if it takes weeks of meetings to integrate the findings into your marketing you’re probably missing a lot of opportunities.  In an unpredictable healthcare marketplace with little flexibility and short-lived advantages, you win by adapting to change faster than others. You should be continually experimenting and identifying new options faster and more frequently. Test new ideas and then drop what doesn’t work and scale up what does.

I used to start meetings with the same slide which basically said “what’s the value of this meeting for our customers?”.  It often led to some very brisk discussions and as a DTC manager it helped me look for ways to question our processes.


Speed is a competitive advantage, but in biopharma we have to implement with both speed and quality.  Review your processes so that patient insights are more than just a PowerPoint deck; make them actionable and test ways to improve your DTC marketing.