When DTC marketers are asleep at the wheel

KEY TAKEAWAY: Too many DTC marketers are letting their agencies waste their money and in the process making their TV spots less effective with too much frequency.

Yesterday, as I was surfing the TV channels I came across the rerun of the TV show “ER” on cable.[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] In the space of 150 minutes I was exposed to to 16 spots for Rexulti and 17 spots for Toujeo[/inlinetweet].  Not only was this a huge waste of money, it’s one of the reasons why so many agencies are getting the boot.

It’s a fact that DTC marketers spend most of their media dollars on TV and that’s not expected to change even though a lot of CPG marketers are looking to other channels.[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] TV is great at raising awareness, but there is a fine line between awareness and being a “pain in the ass”.[/inlinetweet]  Running the same spots over and over again because you have to spend the money or lose the air time is beyond stupid. Just look at some of the comments on Twitter:

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]DTC marketers need to closely monitor reach and frequency and hold their agencies accountable for annoying frequency.[/inlinetweet] Here is another well-established fact; more clutter, less impact.  Maybe DTC marketers forgot that effective frequency is the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made and before exposure is considered wasteful.

TV ad fatigue is a serious problem in the drug industry, but it’s further proof that too many DTC brands are led down the wrong road by their agencies.