DTC 6 to 1ROI?

imagesKEY TAKEAWAY: Whenever someone from an agency tells you that a DTC campaign generated an ROI of 6:1 my advice is to look hard at both how they calculated the ROI and how much their program actually contributed to the ROI of the ads.

I have worked in Oncology marketing, done research with both Oncologists and patients and have yet to hear ANY Oncologist tell me that a patient has requested a cancer drug because of DTC ads.  Patients DOI ask about different approaches to treating cancer, but as one Oncologist reminded me “there are thousands of cancer drug combinations and patients just don’t have the ability to understand treatment criteria”.


A little while ago I posted a story about Oncology DTC, which I believe is a waste of marketing dollars and someone, from an agency, responded that they had achieved an ROI of 6:1 for a client.  Ha?  If you believe that I have a bridge I’de like to sell you.

What I have learned is that cancer patients are often overwhelmed with complicated medical information upon diagnosis and treatment and rely on their Oncologist to treat them end explain all treatment options.  Can anyone in their right mind see a cancer patient ask their Oncologist for a certain drug?  They might ask about it, but the treatment criteria are way too complicated for patients to comprehend.

Frankly, any agency that puts out numbers like 6:1 ROI would be looked at with a lot of skepticism from any pharma marketer.


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