Drug pricing in ads means nothing

  • The Trump administration is moving forward with new rules that would require drug companies to disclose their prices, rejecting the industry’s efforts to preempt those regulations
  • The “list price” of prescription drugs doesn’t mean anything to patients.
  • Alex Azar is “sticking it” to PhRMA, pharma’s trade organization.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]If you’re in the industry you understand that the latest move from the Trump administration to include pricing in drug ads doesn’t mean a damn thing[/inlinetweet].  It’s nothing more than a tiny way to try and show that this administration is doing something to reign in drug prices.

PBM’s and insurers are laughing at this new proposal and PhRMA has vowed to fight this requirement in court.  The relationship between Mr Azar and PhRMA is adversarial and it clearly shows.

If you’re a patient you should be outraged.  This is not going to do a damn thing to help people pay for expensive drugs which they can’t afford.   The sky high prices of insulin, for example, are not going to change, nor is the price if your co-pay.  Instead,[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] including the price in DTC ads is only going to demonize pharma companies more while PBM’s continue to rake in boat loads of cash by adding minimal value in the supply chain.[/inlinetweet]

PhRMA continues to spew propaganda in defense of their revenue, pharma companies.  This despite the fact that pharma companies are making record revenues and have not taken one dime of the tax cuts to help patients or reward employees who are trying to change our industry.

I have said it before;[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] change is coming and the more pharma companies fight for profits over patients the harder it’s going to be to accept this change.[/inlinetweet]