Do you need a Global eMarketing Group?

InsightKEY TAKEAWAY: Digital marketing is healthcare is becoming more important all over the globe.  To ensure that your brand has a “global” online presence digital marketers need to provide OUS affiliates with tools to easily manage websites.

Not too long ago I worked on a project to develop a global brand presence for affiliates in Europe and Asia.  The challenges were to provide them with a website that could be easily managed and updated by people who had other responsibilities beyond internet marketing.


The first step was to gather the technical and functional requirements for each country and prioritize them against brand KPI’s.  After talking with each country and understanding their limited resources I recommended that we deploy a simple content management system approved by IT.

The next step was to distribute the CMS to each country along with a simplified training guide.  Once we were confident they were comfortable with the CMS we delivered a range of content in a variety of languages in each country.  Each OUS affiliate could determine what content they wanted and needed and add it to their website.


While there were some minor bumps in the road the rollout went very well.  In addition, by giving them the tools to deploy, rather than dictating what we wanted, we were able to get a lot of great recognition from branch managers.

Is this the right approach for your brand?  That depends.  I learned that when you give others tools to succeed rather than “doing it for them” they feel empowered and more successful.  OUS websites are becoming more important and providing solutions to help is what, in my opinion, global eMarketing is all about.