Do HCP’s want to hear from pharma during COVID-19?

QUICK READ: Any company that releases data without context is trying to generate leads via social media and it should not be taken with a grain of salt.

Date, mostly taken out of context, can be misleading. A recent infographic seemed to indicate that HCP’s want to hear from pharma during this pandemic but with most physician offices closed to vendors, this makes little sense.

Sure pharma could reach out to HCP’s via digital but I’m hearing that the response rate to email has been really poor for pharma. So the question becomes WHAT do they want to hear from pharma companies right now?

My guess is that they want answers about certain medications and their use with possible COVID patients along with how this pandemic might affect patient behavior when it comes. to compliance. I’m also sure they want help getting patients who have other medical issues back into physical offices before the issue becomes a major problem.

It’s almost irresponsible to say that a certain percentage of HCP’s want to hear from pharma without adding more context. Most physicians are working from home and using telehealth or they have been called to work in overcrowded hospitals.

Some pharma companies are delaying the launch of new products until their sales reps and MSL’s can talk to them. Conferences have been canceled or gone virtual and most pharma companies still aren’t experimenting enough with ways to reach doctors.

Until we have a better understanding of what the new normal is to say that so many HCP’s wants to hear from pharma without providing context is foolish.