Disruption needed in health

KEY TAKEAWAY: Our healthcare system needs help beyond trying to control costs.  We need new jobs to help patients both navigate the system and stay healthy.  These jobs could result in tens of millions of dollars in savings.  Here are some of the possibilities 

Patient Coordinator – This person would be responsible to ensure that everything needed for an upcoming appointment with a physician is in place prior to the appointment.  They would be responsible for following up with patients after a visit to their doctor or after having surgery.

Pharmacist Tech Health Specialist – Beyond a pharmacist tech, this person would talk to the patient about their medication, health and other medications that might interact with the Rx. They could also recommend supplements like COQ10 for patients who take statins. Focus on patient wellness, including diet basics and devices to measure things like blood pressure a must.

Pharma eMarketing Health Specialist – Pharma needs this now.  This is someone who understands, in depth, how patients are using the Internet to make healthcare treatment choices and can work with the internal brand teams to maximize patient engagement.

Amazon/Apple/Microsoft EHR’s – OK, this is not a job, but having these guys develop EHR’s would put an end to the constant problem of having medical records shared among different physicians.  The current EHR vendors are despised by most and according to patients they are still struggling with getting copies of medical records from providers.

Health Insurance Patient Specialist – They would be the go to contact person for any issue(s) involving current treatment or possible future treatment so customers are not surprised by hidden costs.

Hospital Admissions Coordinator – They would be responsible for working with patients before admission for surgery.  They could tell the patient what to expect, ensure that all the paperwork is complete prior to admission and help alleviate anxiety of upcoming medical procedures.  They would also be responsible for post op follow up and ensuring that their experience was a good one.

DTC Marketing Analytics Manager– DTC people spend too much time trying to measure and justify every dollar they spend.  DTC teams need a manager who can measure the integrated DTC marketing, not just specific buckets and present results in language that executives could understand. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Too many teams have just one person doing analytics, today they need a team measuring the whole brand.[/inlinetweet]

Finally, we need more than surveys after getting treatment.  We need people who can understand, from the patients view, what’s wrong with our healthcare and suggest opportunities to improve it from a customer’s point of view.