Digital Pharma East’s vast utopia

KEY TAKEAWAY: Before pharma people, and agencies, can talk and dream about the use of technology to increase patient engagement, perhaps they should focus on the fundamental of digital marketing which pharma can’t seem to get right.

Patient engagement is becoming a buzz word just like social media marketing was five years ago.  Self serving executives like to present at Digital Pharma East to either show that they are intellectually superior to the audience or to throw out fishing lines in hopes of reeling in a couple of pharma clients.  Want proof? Listen to some of the talk about BOTS.

You think patients are angry at pharma now?  Just wait until they try and contact a pharma company and are informed they are chatting with a BOT instead of a real person.  I know.  I have been on the receiving end of many BOT conversations that left me frustrated, angry and an ex-customer of  a lot of brands.

Then there was the game to demonstrate the lack of attention spans online.  Really?  I mean, if you don’t know this by now what in the hell are you doing in digital marketing?

Now keep in mind that according to my analysis pharma websites have the poorest metrics of any industry.  Bounce rates, time on site, and pages viewed continue to tank.   If you want to know why just look at the results of a survey of over 9,000 people here in the US.

Before we talk about building new levels in digital marketing maybe we should ensure the foundation can support them.  First and foremost pharma needs to add digital capabilities in people and departments, second, they need DTC managers who understand that building a great online experience requires a great process that has been tested.

Digital Pharma East has become like every other digital pharma conference.  I would have loved to attend, but today I’m meeting with a client  to talk about how to really engage their patients not dreaming of chatbots.