Did Google just make health information on pharma websites obsolete?

logo11wPOST SUMMARY: Google searches for certain medical conditions will now bring up typical symptoms and treatments, along with details about how common the condition is. All answers are compiled, curated, and reviewed by a team of medical doctors at Google and the Mayo Clinic, using a combination of clinical knowledge and high-quality medical sources across the Internet.

A big part of the content on pharma websites is comprised of health information, but Google may have made that obsolete.  Since 1 in 20 Google searches relate to health in some way, today’s upgrade certainly makes sense for Google and for users. It’s also going to change the way online health information seekers search for health information.


DTC marketers are now going to have, in depth, on health information within product and disease sites.  The key question is going to be “what value, beyond Google search results, can we offer to online health seekers”.  There is no doubt that Google and the Mayo clinic are trusted a lot more than pharma and this change in Google search could negatively affect site traffic to product websites.  Marketers need to focus on how and where search results are displayed.

In a way this is good news because it’s going to force DTC digital marketers to focus more on the quality of their content versus using repurposed brochures.