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KEY TAKEAWAY: Successful marketers tend to spend less time planning and more time acting than average people. They get out into the world, try new things, make mistakes and fail at first and in doing so, they lay the foundation for future successes. Not only do they learn what will work by first finding out for themselves what does not, but they also benefit from unexpected experiences and opportunities.  To develop a great pharma product website be prepared to fail, but use a process that all but guarantees your success.

This is the process I have developed to create a great health care website.  It’s been tested again and again and it works, but only if you follow and learn from the process.

This roadmap needs patience, a budget to make it happen and a willingness to take risks.  I don’t mean ramrod type risks, I mean measured risks to help patients and keep them engaged on your site.

Here are some examples…

The Cialis Three Point Challenge

The goal of this online game was to communicate our key message about the brand “36 hours”.   The ad was placed on sports sites targeting men and according to a follow-up Double-Click study resulted in a 45% lift in key brand attributes.

Sharing Our Strength

While doing research for Sarafem, a drug to treat PMDD, I saw that women liked talking to each other about their experiences in dealing with and treating PMDD.  I developed a way for women to share their experiences online and in the first few days it went live we had over 250 posts.

The Soothing Sounds of Nature

This was meant to help take the stress out of working on a PC while again communicating effective messages.  This was downloaded over 500 times in 10 days and resulted in more time on the site and more page views.

I’m proud of all these successes, but the one key element was that I was prepared to fail.  No analysis, paralysis, just a keen understanding of my audience.

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