Developing a pharma website…

UnknownKEY TAKEAWAY: The first step in developing a pharma website is to ask “who is our audience?” and “what our objectives?”.  Yet, too many pharma websites remain in the past and try to sell patients who are consumers of healthcare.

There are some key trends in pharma eMarketing that everyone should be aware of.  These include..

1ne: visitors are not going to make a treatment decision based solely on the information you provided.  They are going to use the Internet as a journey to collect information.

2wo: Even college educated visitors have trouble reading the complex medical information.


3hree: Pharma is not doing a good job in answering the needs of medical/health information on product websites.

4our: Websites are trying to appeal to too many segments with one message.  Today we need to think about micro-segmentation.

When I sit with a client the first thing I ask is “what is your objective?” and “who is your target audience?”.  This allows me to develop strategies based two key important metrics; first, satisfaction of visitors to meet their needs and second, the balance between meeting the needs of patients and the brand objectives.  Believe it or not the two can live together.

Look & feel come much later with the testing and development of wireframes.  Unfortunately, too many focus on eye candy at a time when that means little to visitors.   The other aspect to remember is that your website is a living and breathing marketing channel that has to be fed new content to sat relevant.