The deafening silence from pharma

KEY TAKEAWAY: The Republican replacement for the ACA is a bad one that could leave 24 million people uninsured yet pharma has been relatively silent about its shortcomings.  How can pharma companies win the trust of patients when they can’t even point out bad healthcare legislation?

With the top pharma and insurance company CEO’s making in excess of $350 million and the potential of people losing health insurance because they won’t be able to afford it the healthcare industry has a serious problem when it comes to earning the trust of consumers.

Only nine percent of U.S. consumers believe pharma and biotechnology companies put patients over profits, while only 16 percent believe health insurance companies do, according to a Harris Poll study. Meanwhile, 36 percent of U.S. adults believe health care providers (such as doctors and nurses) put patients over profits, compared to hospitals (23%).

Despite all this pharma company executives are staying silent.  Maybe it’s because they got their meeting with President Trump and don’t have to worry about renewed interest in high drug prices or maybe it’s because they don’t want to rock the boat even though this boat needs some serious shaking.

Pharma executives cannot afford to sit on the sideline while the most industrialized nation on earth allows people to go without health insurance, which in turn would mean higher healthcare costs for all of us.

The silence is deafening and unacceptable.