CVS and Aetna: Can they change health care?

KEY TAKEAWAY: CVS’s purchase of Aetna was rumored to be the result of possible competition from but now that Amazon has bailed out of getting into the Rx market CVS and Aetna are thinking of turning health care on its head.

A health care genius bar inside of CVS?  This is an idea that could drastically change health care and the way people interact with HCP’s.  Imagine going to a genius bar to get an Rx for the flu instead of having to make an appointment with your doctor, waste time in a waiting room, then go get an Rx which may or may not be ready.

Today, many patients see their doctor as just a necessary visit to obtain an Rx for some minor health problems.  A health care genius bar for health could change all that.  People could, for example, get advice on taking certain supplements with certain drugs such as COQ10 with statins.  If it’s done right with the necessary infrastructure budget, it could be the future of health care.

When I lived in California I used to go to an immediate care office around the corner from my house.  Not only did they have three doctors ready to treat your health problems they had on site x-rays and MRI machines along with a complete blood lab for almost immediate workups. It was convenient and didn’t waste time and their on site pharmacy meant one less trip to the drugstore.

If CVS can control Aetna customers’ insurance costs via an on site genius bar we maybe glimpsing the future of healthcare.  Will it work with patients?  If it’s done right and with patients first mentality, it’s going to be a winner, but expect some bumps and bruises along the way.