Content marketing for DTC Marketers

contentdtcmktgPOST SUMMARY: If DTC marketers want their websites to be the “go to” source for health information they need to ensure that they have the latest health information.

The Wall Street Journal had an excellent story on living with MS titled “Exercise, Diet and Sleep Can Improve MS Symptoms”.  The article was informative but unless you’re a WSJ subscriber, you probably didn’t have access to the article which leads me to ask the question “why wasn’t this information featured on all MS product websites?”


When I was an eMarketer at Lilly we paid for and featured a news feed on one of our drug websites which resulted in an increase in return visitors of over 40%.  We made our website the “go to place” for updated health information on a chronic health condition and it worked.  The challenge was getting my conservative M L R team to sign off, but after adding some disclaimers I was successful.

With the health information overload on the Web I am puzzled why most DTC marketers don’t have a content strategy for their product websites? Most websites are rarely optimized for content and dead pages and it seems the battle is just getting the website up and running.  Frankly, that’s not enough today.  Pharma needs to do a better job with marketing content that matters to THEIR website visitors.

News feeds, for a variety of health conditions, are available at very low cost and most can be customized to omit certain stories that the FDA might view as an endorsement.  If that’s too much of a challenge there is always the possibility of integrating it into an unbranded site.


It takes a dedicated eMarketing person to continually update and optimize product websites as a dedicated eMarketer assigned to the brand team can look beyond web metrics to really understand what’s important to visitors.   It’s a “must have” and a way for pharma to ensure that patients are getting the best and latest information.